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Introducing our "Don't Be Salty" Ceramic Mug - because life's too short to take everything so seriously! Crafted from durable white ceramic, these 11oz (0.33 l) mugs are the perfect canvas for your prints to shine, just like your wit.

The comfortable c-handle is designed for those days when you need a firm grip on reality (or your favorite beverage), and the shiny finish adds an extra dose of glam to your sipping experience. Let's face it, your drinkware should be as fabulous as you are!

But wait, there's more: our mugs are not just eye-catching, they're also the responsible choice. Drink with confidence knowing that all our mugs are lead and BPA-free. Because who needs toxic vibes when you can have a mug that's as clean as your sense of humor?

So, if life's got you feeling a bit salty, don't fret—just grab your "Don't Be Salty" Ceramic Mug, fill it up with your favorite brew, and sip away those sassy vibes. Because, darling, you're not salty, you're seasoned! Cheers to sass, class, and a touch of ceramic snark.

Don't Be Salty Ceramic Mug 11oz

SKU: 33302923978815386937
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