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Introducing the "Gen X Warning" Coffee Mug – because we all need a heads-up before diving into the daily grind of adulting. These 11oz (0.33 l) mugs are more Gen X than a mixtape and as durable as the memories of pre-internet life.

Crafted from tough white ceramic, these mugs aren't just your average caffeine vessels; they're the rebel yell against fragile drinkware. Pour your favorite brew and let it stand out, just like your opinions on '90s music.

Featuring a comfortable c-handle, because we Gen Xers like our comforts, and a shiny finish that's shinier than our nostalgic trips down memory lane. It's not just a mug; it's a declaration that you've survived Y2K, dial-up internet, and questionable fashion choices.

But wait, there's more! Drink confidently every day, because these mugs are more lead and BPA-free than your favorite grunge playlist. Your coffee should be bold; your mug, not so much.

So, why the "Gen X Warning"? Because life is short, and so is our tolerance for non-sarcastic mugs. Embrace the eye-rolling, shoulder-shrugging, and coffee-sipping lifestyle with the mug that speaks your language. Get yours now and show the world that Gen X has its own warning label – and it's best served with a side of caffeine.

Gen X Warning Ceramic Mug 11oz

SKU: 56168439171789480130
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