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Introducing our "Feeling Kinda IDGAF-ISH Today" Ceramic Mug – the perfect companion for those days when you just can't be bothered. Crafted with a generous 11oz (0.33 l) capacity, these mugs are made from durable white ceramic, ensuring that your nonchalant attitude stands out as much as your prints.

Featuring a comfortably rebellious c-handle, this mug is designed to fit snugly in your hand, giving you the power to sip on indifference with style. The shiny finish not only adds a touch of sophistication but also serves as a reflective surface for all those judgmental stares.

But wait, there's more – our mugs are not just vessels for your apathy, they're also a safe space for your daily brew. Drink confidently, knowing that all our mugs are lead and BPA-free. Because let's face it, life is complicated enough without toxic vibes in your morning coffee.

So, why settle for a regular mug when you can embrace the IDGAF-ISH lifestyle with every sip? Grab yours now and let the world know that today, your mug is as unbothered as you are. Cheers to indifference!

Feeling Kinda IDGAF-ISH Today Ceramic Mug 11oz

SKU: 23567604297126336007
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