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Introducing the "Gen X Adulting Since Elementary School" Coffee Mug – the perfect vessel for those who mastered the art of adulting before it was even a thing. These 11oz (0.33 l) mugs are crafted from durable white ceramic, ensuring your prints pop with pride. Because let's face it, your adulting journey deserves to be showcased.

Sip with ease thanks to the comfortable c-handle that says, "I've been handling things since the days of lunchables and slap bracelets." The shiny finish not only adds a touch of sophistication but also reflects the shine of your sarcasm, reminding everyone that you've been adulting since Tamagotchis were the ultimate responsibility.

Fear not, fellow Gen Xer, for these mugs are not just a stylish statement. They are practical too. Lead and BPA-free, because who needs toxic vibes with their morning brew? Drink confidently, knowing that your mug is as on point as your eye-rolling skills.

So, whether you're conquering the corporate world, navigating parenthood like a pro, or just trying to figure out what TikTok is, do it with a mug that screams, "I've been adulting since you were in diapers – literally." Because adulthood may be overrated, but your coffee mug doesn't have to be. Cheers to adulting, Gen X style!

Gen X Adulting Since Elementary School Ceramic Mug 11oz

SKU: 21534428456734661929
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