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Introducing our Vintage Frame With A Skeleton ceramic mug, the ultimate vessel for declaring your indifference to life's little dramas. Behold, the 11oz (0.33 l) masterpiece crafted from durable white ceramic, ensuring your apathy remains intact through countless sips.

Designed for those who've mastered the art of not giving a flying "you-know-what," these mugs feature a comfortable c-handle, allowing you to grasp it with the same level of nonchalance you approach everything else. The shiny finish adds a touch of class to your beverage rebellion, making it not only easy to use but also a visual masterpiece that screams, "I've officially run out of cares to give."

But that's not all – drink confidently, my friend, because these mugs are not only sassy but also safe. Lead and BPA-free, because your disdain for the mundane should never compromise your health. So go ahead, sip your favorite brew or indulge in a generous helping of sarcasm with every gulp – your vintage mug has got your back.

Embrace the liberation of letting go with our Vintage Frame With A Skeleton ceramic mug, because sometimes the best way to deal with life is to simply mutter, "There it goes, my last flying f*ck," and enjoy your drink in glorious, unapologetic indifference. Cheers to not caring!

Vintage Frame Skeleton Last F*ck Ceramic Mug 11oz

SKU: 27838246115821081964
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